Certificate III in Education Support CHC30213
(Teacher Aide/Integration Aide course)

Learn in a school environment within school hours of your children.


 Our returning to work program is a community initiative, everyone is welcome to join the class.
(5 hours per week for approx. 22 weeks)

TAmums have researched and worked with  a Primary School principal for 10 years to develop an amazing multi-skilled teacher aide course and model to support individuals returning to work.

Our model is different to other Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)
as we have created a holistic model that matches the education industry. 

Our model benefits

  • Industry research with an industry expert being a Primary School Principal of 24 years.
  • Course units designed to create Multi-skilled Teacher Aides.  (staff trained to be located around a school from classroom, sickbay to office)
  • Job preparation to strengthen emotional intelligence, building confidence and soft skills. We have given a lot of ourselves to be carers and have gained great multi skills that are transferable to a resume. Making this course an empowering experience.
  • A fun and supportive class, which gives emotional support to students returning to the workforce.
  • Job prep to build your resume, interviewing and linking to education recruitment. Sell yourself as a multi-skilled Teacher Aide. 
  • Our employment outcomes are higher as there is more to know than the course.  The education industry is different in how a resume is structured and we support you with all areas to employment.
  • Recruitment partnerships and research to link the units to what they are seeking in an employee and creating employment solutions.
  • Larger institutions usually teach only the course.  We have created the whole model to more successful employment.  The course is a complete holistically model of job prep, teacher aide course, resources for a classroom, support with recruitment support.
  • Course is setup within a local Primary School so you study in an environment you would like to work.  You are mentored by the Principal and a passionate teacher.
  • Our teacher is a passionate autism teacher of 22 years and teaches more than the units in the course being strategies and techniques for your new job, which only comes from many years of experience. Our Teacher has been awarded by the Singaporean government “Outstanding Special Needs Teacher of the Year”.

Benefits to a school

  • Creating solutions for Principals looking for highly skilled staff.  More disability units are added to the course and teaching more techniques and strategies for the on the job situations by an experienced Autism teacher.
  • Helping the school’s budget by training a Multi-skilled teacher aide. A teacher aide staff member (ES staff member) can be located around a school from the classroom, sickbay to office.
  • Creates much needed fundraising for a school as rental ($3,250 approx.) 5 hrs per week for 22 weeks.  Multiple classes can be setup.


Henry Grossek, Principal of Berwick Lodge P.S
Our current intake of students will be completing the course this week. It has been a pleasure to have had the opportunity to provide many of them with variable practical work experience at our school as part of the course. I’m sure that they will have little trouble in obtaining jobs upon graduation – in fact I’m really thrilled to say that the majority of students who have undertaken this course at our school over the past 4 years have found regular work. The next round of students will be commencing this course in week 1 of term 4. There are still a couple of vacancies available – please contact Liz Blanchard on 0411 020 220 if you are interested in gaining this valuable Teacher Aide qualification.
Principal’s Report (School newsletter Aug 2017)
Berwick Lodge Primary School 

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It takes a team effort to create this model.

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Schools were the course is available

Please support this community initiative.

About the course

Theory days: once a week – 9.30am – 2pm (no theory in school holidays)
Homework: Eastern College will provide you with an online access to your course
Duration:  22-25 weeks

Work Placement
•    Requirement to complete 100 hours of placement once a week at a local school for approximately 13 weeks.
•    This is unpaid work placement.
•    A roster is usually available 1-2 months into the course
•    Supported by an allocated teacher within a classroom as well as your course trainer.

Course Structure
•    Course designed to train Multi-skilled Teacher Aides to work in classroom, school office or sick bay.
•    Comprises 17 Units of Competencies to be completed in 30 weeks (face to face learning).
•    Class attendance requires once a week of theory (9.30am – 2pm).
•    No classes during school holidays.
•    Complete homework via Eastern College’s online learning portal.
•    Our trainer can support you through study and homework tips.
•    Requires Level 2 in First Aid (not needed if you have a valid First Aid certificate).
•    Mums learning and supporting each other in a familiar location, this course gives fantastic support to Mums returning to work after many years.

Job Preparation
•    Personal guidance and support to achieve your ideal type of job.
•    We provide a full industry required skill set to match up your current home and work skills to advice what is needing to complete.
•    Daily 5 minute exercises to build up your inner strength of self and practicing at an interview.
•    A job pathway is planned so you can gain the skills needed before your course finishes.
•    Explaining various ways of gaining a job that may not include interviews.
•    Filming of a principal on resumes and the interviewing stages and tips.
•    Films of jobs roles within a primary school.
•    Provide specialised industry fact sheet.
•    Advisory and guidance on how to present yourself as a Multi-skilled Teacher Aide at interviews.
Recruitment Agencies / Job Searching
•    We explain details on the Education Industry needs and skills in communicating your work ethic, personality and experience in job applications and interviews.
•    Filming of education recruitment agencies to make it easier to apply for jobs.
•    We have assisted a good number of mums to gain their desired jobs on completing their course.
•    We have established a good reputation with a recruitment agency and linking up our mums to jobs.

Course Units of Competency

Funding for your course

You may be eligible for state funding. Please text Liz on 0411 020 220 to answer questions and check your eligibility. (Liz will call back)