Job tip 1 & 2

The link below has a list of job occupations that fall under a Cert 3 In Education Support (Teacher Aide)
and a pathway to Cert 4.

There’s social working and teacher aide occupations which is great.…/574ac150-67a4-448b-afda-ebe…

My experience is to find out the type of work you like and match it to the occupation listed in the link below or match to a business you would like to work for. Also to research a job description list.

Become a volunteer for the business you like. Be choosy about your boss and get a feel of the work culture, politics and how staff are supported under the management system of the centre/school. If you have a great leader with vision this will filter down to the staff and to the students/clients. All will be supported and you’ll enjoy your job.

Show your skills and see an area that you can help in and approach the boss with your idea and care for the project.
Type up in 3 headings on a piece of paper.

1. The area you would like to help in and your idea.
2. The benefits.
3. Steps to implement.

Offer to work in a team or under a manager as its less likely to step on toes and shows you can work in a team and have forwarding thinking skills which are very sort after.

70% of jobs are found this way. I have adjusted the steps abit as I’ve learnt over many years.

I have another way which is matching your home/multi skills with the list of job responsibilities for the industry. List is within our job prep unit for a multi skilled teacher aide.

A school principal is looking to understand your personality in your application as an ES staff member as this is a caring role which needs a community mind and confidentiality.

They also like to see on paper proof of your skills – work ethic, qualifications, personality so it’s best to wrap as much as you can in a quick paragraph or line. Eg. I donated my time in a special needs school and saw the need in an area of …… I created a project called with outcomes of ….. (This shows you are forward thinking and care for the business and others)
Or a few lines of being a mum and multi skilling situations which is match to their criteria questions.

Hope this helps. Take care Liz