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Dear Liz,
I can confirm with you that there are many job opportunities in schools for Education Support (ES) staff – this includes Integration Aides, Sickbay Attendants, Library Officers and Administration Officers. In fact demand for such personnel is increasing and will continue to grow in the foreseeable future. The Teacher Aide course which you are providing is an excellent opportunity for adults who are interested in working in schools in non-teaching roles as the course embraces a wide range of different ES roles that exist in schools and will give graduates the edge when seeking school employment. For the record, I employ 12 ES staff currently and I expect that this number will continue to grow in the future.

Henry Grossek

Principal, Berwick Lodge Primary School

I commenced with Eastern Colleges in February 2018 to undertake Certificate III in Education Support. Everyone I have come across during this time have been so amazing and supportive in helping me achieve my dream of working in the education sector. I am happy to report that I am now working. I would highly recommend this course to other mums out there looking to re enter the workforce.

Kelly Corken

I would highly recommend doing the Eastern College teacher aide course. It covers all aspects in depth and i have learnt a lot from it. Our teacher Gurmit is a highly experienced teacher. She has been very knowledgeable, passionate and caring thoughout the course. I especially like the different sorts of resources that she has shown us, to help with students with special needs

Penne Horkins

The Cert III Education Support course has helped me maintain my responsibilities as a mother of 2 beautiful children, a home-maker and an aspiring career woman. This course has equipped me with the skills and experiences to assist teachers in classrooms, understanding and supporting the learning needs of students with special needs. I am now a Teacher Aide (TA) in a local school.

Harjinder Kaur

Hi Gurmit, Just want to quickly say thank you. I always feel very inspired and pumped after your class. You are an amazing teacher and your stories and experiences are an absolute pleasure to listen to. So Thank you again.

Sally Brimble

After being a full time stay at home mum for the last 8 years, it was quite daunting to go back in to a school setting. From day one Gurmit made us feel at ease and made this journey a positive one. This course has been so fulfilling in the fact that it touches on everything that would arise in being a TA, it is in depth however all relevant. With Gurmit having so many years behind her in the industry, she is a wealth of knowledge and is the perfect teacher to share all her experiences with to her classes.

Julie Stevens

I am so proud of myself for completing Cert 111 in Education Support. The last time I studied was 20 years ago. I was so nervous at the beginning, filling my head with doubts…  Can I do this? Am I too old to study? What if I don’t like the teacher? What if it’s too hard?

Well, our teacher, Gurmit, was a God sent. She is one of the nicest, most caring people I’ve ever met. She made our classes enjoyable, fun and educational. There was a lot of support offered along the way.  If you are thinking of doing this course, do it! You won’t be disappointed.

Victoria B

My youngest child was starting school this year so I made the decision to do something new with my life/career….if only I knew what it should be! I had been doing volunteer work at my children’s school for the past three years and always felt fulfilled and rewarded after leaving the classroom, so I looked into the Education sector. I found the Education Support Certificate advertised through the school website and have been thoroughly enjoying both my time in class and also on placement ever since. I cannot speak highly enough of both the detailed course structure which is very relevant to the classroom needs, and also my amazingly inspiring teacher Gurmit. I feel very blessed to have a clear purpose in life and my future aspirations within the school environment. I am also able to take what I learn home with me and apply it for my own children to help with their schooling. The needs of both teachers and students is so great at the moment that I feel the role of Teacher Aide is more relevant than ever, and I get to make a difference in their lives.

Jennifer Tomich

Recently I completed my Certificate III in Education Support from Eastern College Australia successfully. I enjoyed participating in the course because it taught me how to support children in a school setting. I would recommend this course to anyone, and if you are thinking you can’t, well think again because ‘YOU CAN‘.  My teacher is one of the greatest inspirations during my studies, Gurmit Kaur not only teaches from her heart but has the experience to back up everything she teaches in the classroom. She does this by the many stories and experiences she has had with her students in the past. I thank God for getting me through this course and know that I am a better person because I completed the course with excellence and passion. I have also gained employment during my course period which was a great moment in my life. It has built my confidence and belief in myself. All the best to those who choose to go ahead with the course, you will never regret it!

Bianca Perera

Gurmit has been an exceptional teacher, whose instruction and openness has immensely benefited my learning. She has proven herself to be not only an excellent teacher but also as someone who cares deeply about her students and their success. She has the ability to share her classroom experiences in an informative yet entertaining ways and her enthusiasm for special education is contagious! Gurmit has decades of experience and numerous awards in special education which is made visible when she conducts her teaching. She is a remarkable person and an indispensable teacher for anyone hoping to undertake training and gain skills to become effective Teaching Assistants. Thank you for making my learning journey amazing!  

Stella Mayar